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Welcome to MapMakers' Web Site!

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We hope you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Please let us know if you don't! Use the quick link buttons above, the search engine below, or click on the signs on the map below to navigate around the site.

January 2015. Our web site is due for a complete overhaul in the near future. Our new site will have a more contemporary look and better support for mobile applications. Content will be substantially replaced and we hope become easier to navigate. If you have used the abundance of support, reference and illustrated example materials our site, we suggest you make use of "save as" for any sections of particular interest while the current site is still live.

Recent Releases

  1. New sample maps and data for download - various sizes.

  2. Baby Boomers - where are they retiring to? New illustrated examples for Greater Sydney and NSWACT using our premium MapMakers Census Enhanced GIS Data Product range.

  3. Changing business activity illustrated using ABS business activity data released 2014. Greater Sydney changes to business activity by postcode area.

  4. Unemployment black spot? Northern Tasmania under the magnifying glass - where to find work when businesses continue to close..

  5. Standard Regions of Australia - free poster map for download - great for narrowing down your own "area of interest".

  6. Web site deployment - get web access to postcode areas and data via the web - illustrated examples.

MapMakers Postcode Area Data with latest Australian Census attributes now available

With release of our latest Postcode Census Enhanced products we are pleased to include new example analyses and illustrative maps. These include changes to weekly household income; absolute number of Internet connections by postcode and trends in Internet connectivity; plus overall population changes and trends in both regional areas of NSW and greater Sydney. We hope you find them of interest!

New products and upgrade path options can be found here.

A cautionary note about "free" on-line Australian postcodes and mapping tools

We all love a bargain, true enough, but take a moment to consider the value you place on data being accurate and fit for purpose; there's an acronym, GIGO, which means "garbage in, garbage out". Take a moment to consider the inputs you may be basing your business decisions on, see our illustrated examples including external links.

MapMakers Postcode Products Price Guarantee.

If you are looking for comprehensive, up-to-date Australian Postcode area maps and data, you've come to the right place! Our comprehensive range of State and National Postcode Maps and GIS Data can be found here, while our State and Territory Capital City Map Series have a page all to themselves here. A sample of our postcode data is displayed in a Google Map window below.

We are so confident our products offer the best in currency and accuracy that we offer an unconditional price guarantee. If you can find a comparable product(s) at a verifiable lower price, we will beat it by 20%, guaranteed.

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This image shows our postcode data integrated with Census 2011 population data, illustrating the density (number of individuals per km2) of a particular demographic group for metropolitan Sydney, the "higher" the postcode above the surface, the greater the population density for the group in that postcode area. The colours are formatted on the actual number of the group in each postcode, red (low) through green (high). Combining the two views illustrates some interesting patterns, where for example absolute numbers are low, but density is high (the red and yellow medium height "skyscrapers" in central Sydney). Click the image to see more examples, including those in Google Earth format like this one.

Or check out the interactive features available with a Google Map like the one below, based on a sample of our Enhanced Postcode GIS Data series for Victoria (Standard Postcode Series available on this page). Try viewing in a Google Earth window (click the "Earth" button top right of image)! Alternatively and to be able to see the "skyscraper" effect for yourself send a quick mail to sales asking for a copy of the file, which you'll be able to fly around in full Google Earth - in this example it reflects "population density", or number of persons per square kilometre.

Please also refer to our FAQ section, where you will find summaries, plus links to important information from Google about Google Earth and Maps.

Sample postcode data displayed via a Google Map

View Larger Map

Thank you for your interest and for visiting the home of Australian Postcodes - MapMakers Australia!

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While our navigation map features the continent of Australia, our services do not have a geographical limit!

Please bookmark our site for future reference, and thank you for visiting!

Our Mission

To give broad community access to the benefits of the spatial data revolution.

Company Profile

Custom mapping and data analysis services for trouble-free maps and map data for your individual needs, whatever they are. 

Businesses large and small, primary producers, the resource sector and community organisations have been largely ignored during the amazing geographical data revolution, which has been powering our governments and government business enterprises for over two decades.

No Longer! You no longer need to struggle with a seemingly impossible jigsaw of maps and reports from inaccessible government and commercial suppliers. Nor do you need to go to the often-wasted expense of buying your own technology, let alone the roulette wheel of finding someone to drive it effectively.

MapMakers can do it all, efficiently and economically. We have over thirty years of experience in data collection, analysis and functional map production including business (specialising in franchise and territory area mapping, sales and customer demographic analysis); all levels of government; community organisations; academic research; resource exploration and processing including oil and gas; primary production; soil and geological survey; flora, fauna and heritage surveys.

Having this breadth and depth of experience, we know what information already exists and what is likely to meet your specific needs. We also know how to access that information quickly and economically, on your specific behalf, often at little or no cost to you. You will be amazed just how much information already exists which of immediate and particular significance to you and your needs.

Until now, the main obstacle to empowering yourself or your enterprise has been, knowing what exists AND how to access it.

MapMakers break through that barrier, resulting in delivery of the exact information needed to answer your questions and advance your enterprise.

MapMakers are proud to be associated with APESMA (Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers), and the Environment Institute of Australia.

Our Manager Spatial Operations and Product Development - Graeme Greenwood (MSc Resource Management) has been actively applying leading edge spatial technologies since 1984. The examples on our web site are just a few of the many areas to benefit to date. Get in touch soon and begin to share the benefits of the spatial revolution!

Contact Information

Our offices are staffed six days. If we cannot attend your needs immediately, we will endeavour to respond to your call within twelve hours.
Please read the summary of what you can expect when engaging our services - we have addressed some common misunderstandings about custom mapping services, based on experience accumulated during our sixteen years of operation.
Phone (03) 6334 5620 (+61 3 6334 5620 outside Australia)
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Mobile 0439 760 169

Australian Eastern Standard Time is GMT + 9 hours (northern hemisphere summer) to GMT + 11 hours (northern hemisphere winter)

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